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A delicious gingerbread cookie, decorated with yogurt icing and available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Minis, 4 for $1 • Midsize, $1.50 ea • Large Bones, $3 ea

A cookie full of cheesy deliciousness!
Minis, 4 for $1 • Bones, 2 for $1

Peanut Butter
What dog doesn’t like peanut butter?
Minis, 4 for $1 • Plain Bones, 2 for $1 • Dipped Bones, 2 for $1.50

Carob Chip
Just like a chocolate chip cookie, without all the poisonous chocolate!
Minis, 4 for $1

The classic fireside treat! Yogurt and Carob melted between 2 graham cookies!
$1.50 ea

Peanut Butter Sandwiches
The ultimate peanut butter cookie! Peanut butter filling between 2 peanut butter cookies!
$1.50 ea


We use real lamb liver and hypoallergenic Spelt Flour!
Bones, 2 for $1

Is your hound a chocolate lover? Carob is a safe and tasty alternative.
Minis, 4 for $1

Bacon Cookie Wrapped Bully Sticks
A bully stick, wrapped in our bacon cookie dough, and baked to crunchy perfection!
$3.50 ea

Doggie O’s
A canine “oreo”, with yogurt icing sandwiched between 2 carob cookies!
2 for $1

Tiny Bites

These itty-bitty treats are great for cats and tiny-breed dogs and come in a variety of rotating flavors. They also make great training treats!

Rotating Flavors (call for availability!)
$2 oz


Everyone needs a little sweet now and then…

Yogurt & Carob Bones
3 for $1

Yogurt & Carob Paws
2 for $1

Carob Peanut Butter Cups
2 for $1

Fruits & Veggies

Banana Carrot
For the fruit and veggie lovers among us!
Minis, 4 for $1

Pumpkin is great for digestions, and is yummy all year long!
Bones, 2 for $1

Harvest Apple Peanut Butter
This fall themed treat is a delicious combination of applesauce, oats and peanut butter!
Minis, 4 for $1 • Squirrels, 2 for $1

Blueberries are high in antioxidants!
Bones, 2 for $1

Veggie Fruit
This heart-shaped, grain-free cookie is packed with fruits and veggies.
Minis, 4 for $1


Barbecue Beef
Topped with homemade BBQ sauce and Parmesan cheese.
Bones, $1.50 ea

I smell bacon!
Bones, 2 for $1

Chicken & Sweet Potato
Featuring chicken liver and real sweet potatoes!
Minis, 4 for $1

Available as a biscuit or a whole pie (special order item).
Biscuits, 2 for $1 • 10-inch pie, $15 • Slice, $2 ea

These hearts are made with wild Salmon & Spelt Flour!
Minis, 4 for $1

A delicious, bite-size hors d’oeuvre! Available in Beef, Turkey or Chicken.
$8 dozen (special order item)

Pawmesan Pretzels
Hand-twisted & sprinkled with a dash of Parmesan!
$1 ea

Bacon, Egg & Cheese
A classic breakfast, made into a fantastic, grain-free cookie!
Bones, 2 for $1

Seasonal Items

Decorated Honey Cookies
A honey cookie, dipped and iced to match the season or holiday!
$1.50 ea

Decorated Peanut Butter Cookies
A peanut butter cookie, dipped and iced to match the season or holiday!
$1.50 ea

Collegiate Honey Cookies
A honey cookie, dipped and iced with your favorite collegiate team’s logo! Auburn & Alabama are available in the bakery case during football season, additional items can be special ordered!
$1.50 ea

Turkey & Cranberry Cookies
A delicious Thanksgiving cookie!
$1.50 ea

Flea Free Cookies
A fantastic combination of ingredients that help repel fleas, plus taste great!
Minis, 4 for $1

Gingerbread People
A Christmas favorite! These big cookies are the perfect treat for your pup this holiday season!
$3.50 ea

Christmas is our busiest time of year, so advance ordering is appreciated!

Cakes & More

Special Occasion Cakes
Perfect for birthdays! Our cakes are available in several flavors, iced with a cream cheese-based frosting and personalized with a name or short phrase of your choice!
Bone $18 • Heart $15 • 8″ Round $18 (2nd tier $30) • 6″ Round $15 (2nd tier $28) • 4″ Round $8 (2nd tier $15)

Available in several flavors, and topped with your choice of yogurt icing, cream cheese-based frosting or left plain.
$3 ea • $15 half dozen

A small, bite-size cupcake. Perfect for parties! Available in several flavors, and topped with your choice of yogurt icing, cream cheese-based frosting or left plain.
75¢ ea • $8 dozen

Birthday Bakery Package
Includes your choice of a 4″ cake or 2 cupcakes, a 7″ gingerbread bone, and your choice of 3 pupcakes or 3 decorated peanut butter bones. See photos on our online ordering section or social media accounts.
$13 ea

Mini Pie
These 4-inch personal pies are a deliciously healthy addition to any Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner! Available in Pumpkin or Sweet Potato.
$6 ea

Special Ordering Info

We offer a variety of items in store, but 24-hour notice is required for cakes and other specialty items! Please call 334.699.2072 to place your order! Thank you!

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