Hours + Policies

Salon Grooming Hours

Monday – Friday (by appointment ONLY)    9am-4pm
Saturday (by appointment ONLY)    10am-2pm

Walk-in Nail Services

We offer walk-in services for nail trims ONLY. You may need to wait 5-10 minutes before services can be rendered to allow us time to find a stopping point with a client. On Saturday, please call in advance to ensure a groomer is available!    

Monday – Friday from 10:30am-2pm
Saturday from 10:30am-1pm


Updated 9/1/2023

Everything we do is focused on providing a safe and secure environment for your dog and our staff. To ensure the health and safety of your pet/s, as well as our other canine guests, we require all of our clients to read and understand the following policies:


Please understand that we work by appointment for the safety and comfort of your dog. Tardiness, no-shows and last-minute cancellations/reschedules disrupt our schedule throughout the day, as well as cause other clients on our waiting list to miss the opportunity to receive our services.

We do understand that emergencies do arise and your groomer reserves the right to void any fees as they see necessary. 

The following fees and terms apply:

  • Cancellation/Reschedules with 48-hours or more notice: NO FEE
  • Cancellation/Reschedules with less than 48-hours notice: 50% of the reserved service amount
  • Same Day No-Shows/Cancellation/Reschedules: 75% of the reserved service amount
  • Tardiness: $10 after the first 10 minutes
  • Reoccurring Tardiness: $1 per minute that you are late

If you do not call us to inform us that you are going to be late, we will assume that you are not showing up. In order to book your next appointment, cancellation and rescheduling fees must be paid in full.

If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be canceled as we will no longer have time to groom your dog. We are happy to reschedule for another day and time that will work better for your schedule, but a no-show fee will apply. In the event that we are still able to groom your dog, your groomer reserves the right to charge the $1 per minute that you were late.

Habitual cancellations, reschedules and no-shows will require pre-payment and could lead to not being allowed back to our salon for services.


We require you to confirm your appointment with us via phone, text, email or in-person within 48-hours of your appointment time. Replying C to your text reminder to confirm OR call us at (334) 699-2072, ext 2. If we happen to not answer during working hours or if we are closed please leave us a detailed voicemail.

Please note that we do not wish to cancel your appointment, but we need to know if you are coming and that you have received your text reminder.


When you drop off your dog, please allow time to assess your grooming needs for the day. Come prepared with a photo reference or a detailed explanation of what you would like your dog to look like. We know that sometimes you’re in a rush, but we want to make sure that we get your preferences just right and that you are happy with the results!

Please ensure you can be reached at all times while your dog is in our care! Please communicate any changes, emergencies, etc. as soon as possible.

To provide a low-stress environment for your dogs, and to ensure kennel space for all clients throughout the day, we require that you pick up your dog within 1 hour of us completing your grooming services. If you are late, you will be charged a $35 per hour LATE FEE.


Prices for our treatments are based on breed, size, temperament, and coat condition. We are happy to give an approximate quote over the phone, but THEY ARE NOT GUARANTEED and may change. Upon arrival, we will consult with you to determine the style best suited for your dog, and assess any special services needed.




If your dog is matted, we will discuss with you the extent of the matting and whether we can remove the mats without discomfort. De-matting often requires brushing and/or shaving and de-matting fees start at $8 and are in addition to the price of grooming. We will determine whether de-matting needs to be performed at the time of service and notify you accordingly.

Double-coated dogs tend to take more time in the tub due to their thick hair. Any dog that is OVERDUE for a bath will have to purchase a de-shedding treatment as we need to rid the coat of its impacted hairs. 

Remember, we are stylists, and even if your dog has to be cut shorter or start over from scratch, we will still make him or her look great and feel better. Their hair will grow back!

To ensure that your dog does not become matted, please feel free to ask us what we recommend in terms of at-home grooming and appointment timing.

Please note that de-matting will not be performed on a dog that is terrified, elderly, or has medical conditions.


If your pet is not feeling well (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea, kennel cough) please do not bring him/her to the salon for their own comfort and the safety of our other canine clients. 

Please advise our staff of any change in your dog’s health or medical condition upon arrival so that we may update your pet’s file. 

We are unable to accept dogs that are pregnant. Any dog that is in heat will be charged a fee of $5. Grooming a dog in heat can be more difficult and can be distracting for other dogs (especially males) in the salon as well.


Your satisfaction is important to us! If there is anything you are unhappy with and would like to have adjusted please let us know at the time of pickup or within 24-hours. We will be more than happy to make any adjustments you’d like.


We ask you not to interrupt the groomer by walking up to the window and/or talking to any dog in the salon (this includes your own dog) during the grooming process for the safety of your dog and the groomer. Most dogs get “jazzed” to see you arrive and will no longer cooperate once you are in sight, which puts the dog at a higher risk of an accident and it makes the grooming process take longer overall. You are more than welcome to call/text the salon for an update on your pet.

If you arrive early, before notification that your dog is done, and/or stand at the window distracting your dog, the groomer has the right to end your grooming session before completion and you will be charged the full grooming price.


When making your dog an appointment, please ensure that you book for the service you want. Changing your service cannot always be accommodated once your appointment is made, this includes changing the dog you want groomed. We cannot groom a different dog in your appointment slot. 

Here is a general outline of our BASE SERVICES:

Full Spa Groom: Includes a bath, full body hair cut, nail trim, ear cleaning

Mini Spa Groom: Includes a bath, face/feet/sanitary trim, nail trim, ear cleaning

Spa Bath: Includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning

If you need to make changes to your appointment services, please call us a week in advance. If you want to downgrade your appointment with less than 24-hours notice, you will still be charged the full price of the original booking. 

For ONLINE BOOKING, please make sure that you are selecting a BASE SERVICE (see above) before requesting your appointment. You may select whichever add-on services you would like after that point. If you do not have a BASE SERVICE selected, your appointment request will be automatically declined. If you are unsure, please call the salon for help!

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